Saturday, June 04, 2011

Quote of the Day

. . . Although I appreciate [the] words [of] Bishop Sullivan [on LGBT inclusion], I can't help but notice he is another retired Bishop and wonder if Catholicism has reached a point where only retired bishops are free to act Christ like as opposed to Catholic like. It seems only retired bishops are allowed to see and state truth, while active bishops are stuck with deception and fantasy. Of course retired bishops are free of the need to pander for money and I know that has a great deal to do with their equal freedom to state truth.

Bishop Sullivan is not quoting statistics about [Catholic support of LGBT people and rights] that apply to the hierarchy. The stats he quotes pertain to the laity. The hierarchy is pandering to right wing money and they are teaching exclusion, discrimination, and outright bigotry. They call this defending religious freedom. I call it masking a form of economic slavery. "Pander to Caesar for the things that are Caesar's, and take from God the things that are God's" seems to be the verse of the day when it comes to the official stance on LGBT issues. The laity is no longer buying this message and it seems neither are some of our retired bishops. . . .

– Colleen Kochivar-Baker
"A Catholic Bishop with a GLBT Message of a Different Sort"
Enlightened Catholicism
June 4, 2011

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