Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quote of the Day

. . . Religious extremists have long claimed that the acceptance of homosexuality would bring down the fundamentalist church – and they have been proven correct, albeit not for the reasons they proffered. The downfall occurred not because gay people stopped heterosexuals from reproducing or recruited their children. It didn't happen because LGBT individuals hate families, which they have always been part of. And it didn't happen because homosexuals despised faith; the abundance of deeply religious gay people proves that this is not true.

The fundamentalists undermined their legitimacy by worshiping anti-gay bigotry long after it had been exposed as a false God. In this unholy obsession the sacrifices left bleeding at the altar were truth and justice. When people see their own sons and daughters and friends and co-workers coming out, it creates a crisis of credibility for religious institutions. It leads to countless situations where mean-spirited men like [Archbishop] Nienstedt demand blind, irrational obedience and say "take it or leave it" – and more people are now following their consciences and walking away. . . .

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Terry Nelson said...

I wish you wouldn't say that about Archbishop Nienstedt, he speaks the truth in charity, he really does. Not every one who claims to speak for him may always do so - but the Archbishop and those appointed to speak for him certainly do.

Anonymous said...

He speaks the truth in charity? It seems that he doesn't have much charity for gay folk. Mark

Robert said...

I worked in this archdiocese. Nienstedt has pushed out gays, parents and family members of gays, and Catholics who believe in social justice and the compassion of Jesus. Neinstedt has chosen divisive partisanship over the message of the Gospels. He has created a climate of fear and he has convinced conservative Catholics that bigotry against gays is holy. I chose to retire rather than pretend that there was something morally right in what he is saying. It is immoral, especially the way he uses money to finance his campaign of hatred.

Anonymous said...

Robert, your comments are frightening. "He has convinced conservative Catholics that bigotry against gays is holy." What kind of person could do such things?