Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Quote of the Day

[Speaker of the House] Kevin McCarthy using the debt ceiling to try to hold the government hostage is particularly galling.

Rather than take any responsibility for their huge tax cuts for the very wealthy, plus foreign wars that should never have been fought and obscenely wasteful military spending, the GOP wants to take aim at the average American’s pocketbook in order to fix the problem.

They have no idea where money comes from.

That which stimulates people’s productivity and creativity – from education to healthcare to culture to a healthy environment – stimulates the economy.

That which depresses people – from lack of access to education or healthcare, an unhealthy environment and lack of economic opportunity – then depresses the economy.

The same people who resist over and over again any efforts to actually help people live better lives, now complain that we are running out of money therefore we need to cut any spending that would even help them survive.

No way. The problem is not how just much money this country spends. The problem is who and what we spend it on.

Lindsay Owens: Quote of the Day
– May 28, 2023

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