Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Wild Ones

Perhaps it’s the melancholy autumn weather.

Or maybe it’s that brooding feeling of desire and regret that’s been dogging me ever since the recent appearance in my life of a certain beautiful yet untouchable man.

Perhaps it’s both.

Regardless, I’ve found myself drawn to Suede’s song “The Wild Ones”* from the band’s 1996 album Dog Man Star.

But, oh, if you stay,
we’ll chase the rain blown fears away.

We’ll shine like the morning and sin in the sun.
Oh, if you stay,
We’ll be the wild ones . . .

* Notes Tiny Mix Tapes: “If not the best, one of the strongest moments on [Dog Man Star] is ‘The Wild Ones.’ Beginning with a simple, almost distant sounding guitar riff, [lead singer Brett] Anderson comes in, and we can almost see him smiling half regretfully, as he croons in a fatalistic manner that everything could be better if he weren’t ditched, but instead he’s doomed to recognize failed possibilities and wallow in his own loneliness. This song is an anthem for everybody at some point in their lives: who hasn’t felt the sting of alienation, the hurt of rejection, and felt the need to sit inside on a rainy day and feel sorry for oneself? There, there, Mr. Anderson is here to let you know you are not alone after all.”

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