Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sami

In Australia today, my niece, Sami, celebrates her 12th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Sami!

These first six photos of Sami were taken during my longer-than-expected sojourn back home in Australia (May 2006-January 2007) as I awaited the completion of my application for U.S. green card status.

Above: Like her Dad, Sami knows a thing or two about drums! (For more photos of Sami the drummer, click here.)

Above: Sami with her sister, Layne, parents, and grandparents.

Above: One of the last photographs I took when I was in Australia in January 2007 was of Sami and her goldfish.

Because I knew I’d be returning soon to the States and would accordingly miss celebrating her 11th birthday with her, I took Sami shopping at a pet store and asked her to choose a new goldfish - one that I would buy for her as an early birthday present. Sami chose a beautiful black goldfish, which can be observed in the photo above.

The mirror that can be seen in this same photo, and which contains on its surface a frosted image of a deer drinking at a stream, belonged to Sami’s great-grandmother and my paternal grandmother,
Nanna Smith, who died in October 2005.

Above: My Dad, Sami’s Grandpa, sent me this photo of Sami celebrating her 12th birthday, just hours after it was taken on the evening of February 13 in Australia (February 12 in the US).

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