Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Leading Among Catholic Voters

The organization Catholic Democrats has recently reported some interesting facts about Catholic voters in the lead up to this year’s US presidential election.

The group notes that:

Historically, Roman Catholic voters have made up a critical swing vote during Presidential elections, with a significant segment that has moved between Democratic and Republican in each of the last four national elections since 1996. These Catholic swing voters may have a decisive impact on who wins the presidency on November 4th. This election year has seen the resurgence in progressive organizations reaching out to and influencing Catholic swing voters.

In light of this “resurgence,” and its influence on Catholic voters, Catholics for Democrats has compiled the following “Facts About Catholic Voters in the 2008 Presidential Election.”

· Recent polls by Zogby International and The New York Times/CBS indicate that Senator Obama is leading Senator McCain among Catholic voters. Zogby International reported that 53.7% of Catholics selected Senator Obama with 41.5% choosing Senator McCain. The New York Times/CBS polls reports that Senator Obama is leading Senator McCain among white Catholics, a group that President Bush won in 2004, because of economic concerns.

· More than 1600 people signed onto the Catholics for Obama petition endorsing Senator Obama for President in the days preceding the national publicity campaign. Signers include public officials, priests, brothers, and women religious as well as lay Catholics.

· A study of primary exit poll data conducted by Catholic Democrats in the spring indicates that Catholics voted at greater rates (+4%) in the primaries than the general population in 20 out of 21 states. Throughout the spring and summer, Catholics have indicated that the economy is their major concern.

Above: Graph showing the latest opinion poll ratings for
US presidential candidates Obama and McCain since June.
White House front-runner Barack Obama outlined Monday
a “closing argument” to voters as the Democrat’s epic duel with
beleaguered Republican John McCain entered its final full week.

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Image: US Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Senator Barack Obama delivers a campaign speech at the Canton Civic Center in Canton, Ohio - Monday, October 27, 2008. (AFP/Emmanuel Dunand)

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