Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

It’s disturbing that Republicans want to use one of the last weeks of the legislative session to marginalize one group of people and divide our state. We are facing a $5 billion budget shortfall, yet Republicans believe the biggest threat to our state’s welfare is who is allowed to be married.

For same-sex couples, marriage is about economics; it’s about allowing families to take responsibility for each other and support their loved ones, creating strong households throughout our state. For this reason, there is significant evidence that the states that do the best economically are the ones that embrace diversity, not shut it out.

With this amendment, we are taking Minnesota in exactly the opposite direction of where we should be headed – toward a stronger economy that welcomes the contributions of all people.

– Sen. Scott Dibble of Minneapolis
Quoted in "Minnesota Republicans Offer Constitutional Amendment
to Ban Gay Marriage
by Andy Birkey
Minnesota Independent
April 26, 2011

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