Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Quote of the Day

When we, as people of faith, spend millions in advertising on crushing same sex marriage, I feel nothing but shame. Is this really where [the] Catholic focus should be? Feed people, clothe people, support people. Live by example!

In my experience, the most obviously homosexual clergy are the same men barking loudest against the acceptance of gay unions, much like the case of evangelical Ted Haggart and his ilk . . . I wish I could say that the Catholic Church was better than that. But, since we have no vote on who becomes Bishop, who becomes Cardinal, it appears we got the leaders we do not deserve.

— Denise
(In response to the April 5, 2011 National Catholic Register article,
"Polls: Do the Numbers Lie?" by Joan Frawley Desmond)

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bobfett11 said...

What a huge waste of money. Why not spend it on Catholic school? What they have done in some dioceses wasting money on anti-gay causes is a disgrace.