Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prayer of the Week

The following prayer is adapted from one shared earlier today, the Fifth Sunday of Lent, at the Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community.

We pray with all who receive another chance at life.
We pray with all who have been in the tomb of Lazarus.
We pray with all who have been lifeless, imprisoned by a stone,
tightly bound or in the dark.

We pray with all who know the sorrow of Martha and Mary
yet are not graced with physical resurrection.
We pray with all who have responded to the call from Jesus to "Come out!"
We pray with all who have heard the call but are too bound to respond.

We pray in gratitude for the gifts of community
that unbind us when we cannot do so for ourselves.
We pray for all who weep.
We pray with all who must see to believe
and all who have difficulty with such seeing.
We pray in gratitude for the many gifts of deep friendships,
such as the one Jesus and Lazarus shared.

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Image: "Jesus at the Bethany Home" by Hanna Cheriyan Varghese (from the "Jesus Laughing" exhibition. Says Vargheses: "The painting depicts a relaxed and happy Jesus in the company of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. When Lazarus died 'Jesus wept.' To weep for him meant that Jesus had great times of joy in sharing and laughter with the siblings – Mary, Martha and Lazarus. These three gave Jesus the welcome and sense of family and companionship, and an oasis in His busy ministry of teaching, healing and journeying. He could relax from His weariness and enjoy the hospitality of good food and conversation. They loved each other and shared jokes that must have provoked much laughter and smiles. A loving God gave us the emotional gifts of joy, love and laughter. Surely Jesus is no exception.

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