Friday, April 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

Not everyone likes the image of the cross. But our image of the cross does not have to be restricted to that familiar instrument of execution with its focus on a violent death. Two circles at right angles can form a cross. look at a globe and see how many times a cross is formed with lines marking its longitudes and latitudes. Pay attention to how the whole world is wrapped in the cross made when circles join.

That is where the cross leads us – to the world where we are all connected to each other and are responsible for and to each other. So let the cross we take up be justice. let the cross we take up be peace. Let the cross we take up be love. Let the cross we take up be nonviolence. And let us take it up together in the name of the one who liberates us and makes it possible to follow him.

– Jeannie McPhee
From a reflection shared June 1996

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Image: "World Globe" by Bill Frymire.

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