Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A number of insightful and well-written letters-to-the-editor have recently been published in response to the September 12 Star Tribune op-ed, "Some People Can Make the Gay Go Away," by local priest James Livingston. I've added these letters to the collection of responses I first published in my September 13 post, Soft Bigotry.

Also, a lively and interesting discussion has been taking place in the comments section of my September 15 post, More on the "Soft Bigotry" of Fr. James Livingston's Recent Op-Ed. I especially want to acknowledge and thank theologian William D. Lindsey (who maintains the excellent Bilgrimage blog) for his contribution to this discussion.

This past Saturday, at its second annual Synod of the Baptized (above), the Twin Cities-based Catholic Coalition for Church Reform launched the Council of the Baptized in the local church of St. Paul-Minneapolis. Ahead of the Synod I had an article published at The Progressive Catholic Voice entitled A Tradition Worth Returning To. Check the PCV over the next few days for a full report of Synod 2011.

Last night at the Hennepin Avenue Methodist Cathedral, over 500 people of faith gathered to launch the Faith Organizing Campaign to defeat the anti-marriage constitutional amendment in November 2012 (above). I was present as coordinator of Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, and, in the second half of the program, facilitated a workshop for other Catholics who were present. For my friend Javen Swanson's report on this inspiring event, click here. For Andy Birkey's Minnesota Independent coverage, click here.

Finally, Catholics for Marriage Equality MN's new website is up and running! There are still a few crinks to be ironed out (last time I checked, for instance, one couldn't sign our Catholic Statement of Support for Marriage Equality), but at least the trailer for our video series, which premieres September 29 at the Riverview Theater, can now be viewed! So please check out c4me.org! And consider sharing your thoughts about it in the comments section of this Wild Reed post. Thanks!

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