Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Something to Think About . . .

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Richard G Evans said...

That is a tremendously indepth perception...in 2 sentences and a placard she summarizes the entire divisions of Christianity, as well as many political and other issues.

I have at times been very unclear about my own conscience, and what it entails. I think for me it comes down to the word "presuppositions."

If I presuppose that Rome is right on all things, then I am duty-bound to follow her, even when my heart and intelligence tell me otherwise. If, on the other hand, I presuppose that God is capable of leading me personally (should I choose to listen), it changes the entire sum total of my perceptions on so many major issues of life affected by them.

Lately I have realized what I now believe to be the folly of the former supposition, that I cannot and must not question. It is neither historically accurate nor does it honor the hard-fought Traditions of the Church. And I plan to let that realization change everything.

After 2 and 1/2 years of struggles and "backs and forths" I can at last move forward into a more Light-driven Christianity and spirituality. And I can only say that it is exhilarating to me.

Obviously we always need to be careful not to assume our "feelings" and conscience are identical--sometimes they are not. And yes, we need the counsel of others on many occasions. I do not believe we should ignore or dismiss other's opinions, even ones that challenge us, but neither should they control us as Rome has attempted to do so voraciously at times.

It would be strange of God to give the Holy Spirit to each of us, to live right within us, and then not allow us access to His voice except through a group of disintereste (and sometimes uninterested) men. That is not the God we know and who knows us.

Am I suddenly "free?" No, not just yet, and no one else is either. But I am on the path towards freedom. And I cherish that gift enough to know I must look ever forward. Which of the two paths she describes, written on the placard she is holding, foundationally affects everything else we do and think.

The young woman is right.

Michael J. Bayly said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights, Richard. I'm glad you've found yourself moving into a "more Light-driven Christianity and spirituality." I know it's been a difficult journey, but I'm honored that you have shared aspects of it here at the Wild Reed. I'm sure others will be heartened and will benefit from your brave and honest sharing

Silas Botwin said...

Really? is that so? it is that simple? Tell me please, who decides what is "right". that is a VERY Eurocentric way of thinking. It smacks of the "white man's burden" attitude. What is "right" is informed by ideology and cultural traits, and nothing more. And anyone who argues differently has absolutely no understanding of human psychology, sociology, or anthropology (or religious studies for that matter). Furthermore, what about when obedience is considered a moral value? Such as in medieval europe, where absolute devotion to your clan and obedience lord (but not your lord's lord) was seen as one of the highest forms of honor, righteousness, and morality. Statements like this poster sound nice so people support them, but they are always over-simplifications of issues and are extremely shallow. I absolutely laugh at how easy it is to stump people when I question them about their belief in things like "human rights", what is "good", and "morality". 99% have no real in depth understanding of the things they support or even the history behind their "beliefs".

Michael J. Bayly said...

Actually, Silas, with its appeal to medieval Europe's devotion to clan and lord, your comment is far more "Eurocentric" than the message that this young woman is conveying via her sign.