Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A Day at the Fair

This past Saturday, September 1, my friend Kathleen and I attended the Minnesota State Fair – also known as the "Great Minnesota Get-Together"!

We had a very enjoyable time – the weather was pleasant, we got to give away a number of those "Another Catholic Voting No" buttons we're pictured wearing at left, and, as always, there were lots of interesting and colorful things to see and photograph!

Following are some images of our day at the fair. Enjoy!

Above: At the booth of Our Vote, Our Future – the coalition working to defeat the proposed 'voter photo ID amendment.' A yes or no vote on the issue of voter ID is one of two ballot initiatives on the upcoming November 6 ballot. Either initiative, if passed, would amend the Minnesota constitution and restrict and/or deny people important basic rights.

For seven reasons to vote 'no' on the voter photo ID amendment, click here.

Above: The booth of Minnesotans United for All Families.

The second ballot initiative concerns a proposed constitutional ban on civil marriage rights for same-sex couples. For an excellent article by Ricardo Levins Morales on both this amendment and the voter photo ID amendment, click here.

As regular readers of The Wild Reed would know, the organization for which I serve as executive coordinator, Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, is a member organization of the Minnesotans United for All Families coalition.

Above and right: Hey, did you know that many people attend the annual Minnesota State Fair primarily or even solely for its food?! For me, the food is the least appealing aspect of the fair. So, no, I wasn't in line for a pronto pup (or pluto pup, as we call it in Australia!).

Above: Now these, on the other hand, are definitely tempting!
It's probably just as well they were only to look at and admire!

Above and left: The legendary Wanda Jackson, Queen of Rockabilly, First Lady of Rock 'n' Roll, and country music icon, performing at the Minnesota State Fair.

For an insightful article about Wanda, click here.

To hear (and see) Wanda's rollicking performance of "Thunder on the Mountain" (featuring Jack White), click here.

Other big name performers at the fair this year included Bonnie Raitt, Anita Baker, Alan Jackson, Journey (with guests Pat Benatar and Loverboy), Kiss, Mötley Crüe, and Bettye LaVette.

Above: All the pretty (but rather tortured-looking) horses.

The fair's Fine Arts Pavilion always makes for a worthwhile visit. Pictured above is Karen R. Brown's work "Wings of Desire," which was awarded First Place in Class 6: Ceramics/Glass.

Above: Douglas N. Bieniek's impressive marble sculpture of Oglala Lakota leader Red Cloud (1822-1909).

Above and right: Attila Ray Dabasi's colorful sculpture, "Bless the Beasts and Children." It reminds me of the garish Dickeyville Grotto on the grounds of Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church in Dickeyville, Wisconsin. (See the previous Wild Reed post Wisconsin Adventure: Part 3.)

Above: Vintage seed bags.

Above: Pro-equality crop art!

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Images: Michael J. Bayly.

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