Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quote of the Day

Love is revolutionary. And there is nothing easy about it. We practice it in our most intimate spaces, and we make more mistakes than we can remember. We use our belief that the whole world can change into someplace magical and compassionate, that social justice and whole communities are possible, when we figure out how to find our way back to loving and respecting the other. From the other who lives right here, in the same house with me, to all those I have never met. Everything is about relationship and I'm not just talking about me and Rocki, my partner. I am talking about life. About community. Whether we have sex or live on opposite sides of the planet - everything in some way springs from the question – do I feel compassion for who you are and how you struggle or do I feel distant from it? If I feel distant from it, then how do I shift this? How do I find my way to love?

– Susan Raffo
"Radical Acts of Queer Love: Some Lessons from September 11th"
The Bilerico Project
September 11, 2012

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