Friday, September 19, 2014

Quote of the Day

There are many with a deep and abiding understanding of the depth and breadth of the climate, economic, ecological, social, political crisis we are facing and its common twisted roots. They will not just travel to New York [this weekend to participate in the People's Climate March] and then go quietly home afterwards feeling satisfied and personally redeemed.

They will be there, some long beforehand, doing the serious heavy lifting required to build a movement. They will be participating in the "Convergence for People, Planet and Peace Over Profit", discussing strategy, sharing knowledge and forging plans for the future monumental task that is "System Change Not Climate Change". They will link up to learn from and build solidarity with frontline communities and activists at The People's Summit.

They will stick around after the march to get on with the relentlessly demanding work of building the "post-march world" which means moving mountains, confronting the criminal corporate behemoths, speaking truth to power, putting their hearts, souls and lives on the line to make and shape a just, peaceful, healthy and yes, even potentially beautiful, future.

What less can we aspire to?

Those who will take on this task are mothers and fathers who care for future generations. They are people who cannot simply accept the drowning of nations and starvation and violent obliteration of millions. They are people who cherish and understand the intricate grace of nature and mourn its brutally evident dying. They are those who can still hear the voices of their ancestors calling on them to live honorably as stewards on this earth.

They are people who understand that climate change is not just one among an army of issues, but rather it is the "perfect storm" of all issues—a sum greater than all its parts, spawned by a convergence of abuses: from wars and genocides to drilling, pumping, burning and mining the place to ruins, from racism, sexism and colonialism, to spewing toxic chemicals, mowing down ecosystems and poisoning the oceans.

Climate Change is not just an "inconvenience" to be resolved by plugging into some other currency of extraction ("sustainable, green and renewable" energy). It is the defining context of our lives and of this time in the history of life on earth.

– Rachel Smolker
Excerpted from "After the Climate March, Then What?"
Huffington Post via Common Dreams
September 19, 2014

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Image: Michael Polard (Mother Jones).

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