Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Christmas Tree as Icon, Inviting Us to Contemplate the "One Holy Circle" of Both Dark and Light

Be still and know
that day and night,
dark and light,
are one holy circle.

– Jokhim Meikle

At this time of year I can't think of a better image to serve as a reminder of Jokhim Meikle's wise observation than that of a Christmas tree, aglow in the beauty of the night.

My housemate Tim and I set up and decorated our tree last night.

As often as I can during Advent, I spend part of each evening simply sitting in the darkness and looking upon the softly-lighted Christmas tree. I might recite a prayer that's particularly meaningful to me, play some Sufi music, or just sit in silence. Focusing on the tree's depths of darkness and multi-colored lights can sometimes feel like gazing into another universe, another world. It's a time of quiet reflection and prayer, to be sure, with the tree serving as an icon, a window into the beautiful mystery of the "one holy circle" of both light and dark – the blessed paradox – that surrounds us . . . and calls us to transformation.

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