Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Something to Think About . . .

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Pope Francis: Choose Love and Justice, Not Legalism – Robert Christian (Millennial, November 3, 2014).
Pope Francis Wins a Battle to Welcome Gays in the Church – Barbie Latza Nadeau (The Daily Beast, October 20, 2014).
The Pope's Radical Whisper – Frank Bruni (New York Times via The Progressive Catholic Voice, September 22, 2013).
A Big Heart Open to God: An Exclusive Interview with Pope Francis – Antonio Spadaro, S.J. (America, September 30, 2013).

Alternative Progressive Perspectives:
The Wounds Will Not Heal If the Teachings Remain the Same – Jamie Manson (National Catholic Reporter, September 25, 2013).
Church Synod Recap: Micro-managing the Morals of Others – Mary E. Hunt (Religion Dispatches, October 27, 2014).
Arch-conservative Evangelicals, Muslims, and Jews to Join Vatican Conference on Marriage and Family Life – Sarah Pulliam Bailey (Religion News Service via National Catholic Reporter, November 3, 2014).
Religious Right Leaders Join Vatican Man-Woman Marriage Event – Peter Montgomery (RightWingWatch.org, November 3, 2014).
Vatican Marriage Conference Can Endanger the Good Will Pope Francis Has Built – Francis DeBernardo (Bondings 2.0, November 4, 2014).

Reactionary Backlash:
Vatican's Cardinal Müller: Bishops Being 'Blinded' by Secularism – Drew MacKenzie (Newsmax, November 4, 2014).
Cardinal Burke: Catholic Church Under Pope Francis is "A Ship Without a Rudder" – Josephine McKenna (Religion News Service via The Huffington Post, November 2, 2014).
Pope Francis Has Conservatives Talking Schism. But a Split is Easier Said Than Done – David Gibson (National Catholic Reporter, November 4, 2014).
Cardinals Attack "People's Pope" with Familiar Wingnut Tactics – Susan Madrak (The Huffington Post, November 4, 2014).

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