Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Something to Think About . . .

Recommended Off-site Links:
The Clash of “Religious Freedom” and Civil Rights in Indiana – Dale Carpenter (The Washington Post, March 30, 2015).
What Makes Indiana's Religious-Freedom Law Different? – Garrett Epps (The Atlantic, March 30, 2015).
Where Did Indiana Law Come From? A Brief History of Religious Freedom – Jay Michaelson (Religion Dispatches, March 31, 2015).
In Indiana, Using Religion as a Cover for Bigotry – Editorial Board (The New York Times, March 31, 2015).
Indiana Lawmakers Admit "No Gays" Signs Will Be Allowed – Adalia Woodbury (Politicus USA, March 30, 2015).
The Right's Indiana Debacle: How Their Ignorance About Discrimination Backfired – Elias Isquith (Salon, March 31, 2015).
The Big Lie the Media Tells About Indiana’s New ‘Religious Freedom’ Law – Judd Legum (Think Progress, March 30, 2015).
Indiana Governor Mike Pence is Either Lying or Deluded About Indiana’s "Religious Freedom" Law – Mark Joseph Stern (Slate, March 31, 2015).
Obama White House Blasts Mike Pence for Lying About Indiana Religious Freedom Law – Jason Easley (Politicus USA, March 31, 2015).
'Religious Discrimination' Laws Have Nothing to Do With Religion – Julian Bond (The Advocate, March 30, 2015).
How Conservatives Hijacked "Religious Freedom" – Amanda Marcotte (Talking Points Memo, March 31, 2015).
Revulsion and Revolt: Backlash Against Indiana's Pro-Discrimination Law Grows – Jon Queally (Common Dreams, March 31, 2015).
Here Are All the Athletes, Celebrities, and CEOs Joining the Indiana Backlash – Samantha Michaels (Mother Jones, March 31, 2015).
Good Things Are Happening in the Wake of Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law – Lila Shapiro (The Huffington Post, March 31, 2015).
On Religious Liberty and LGBT Rights, Catholics Must Pursue Third Way – Bob Shine (Bondings 2.0, March 30, 2015).

UPDATES: Arkansas and Indiana Pass Revised Version of Religion Law – Andrew DeMillo and Tom Davies (Associated Press via The Boston Globe, April 2, 2015).
Indiana Governor Signs Amended 'Religious Freedom' Law – Tony Cook and Tom LoBianco (The Indianapolis Star) and Doug Stanglin (USA Today, April 2, 2015).
Indianapolis in Crisis Mode After Tourism Hit by Religious Bill – Fiona Ortiz (Reuters via Religion News Dispatches, April 3, 2015).
Should Mom-and-Pops That Forgo Gay Weddings Be Destroyed? – Conor Friedersdorf (The Atlantic, April 3, 2015).
The Internet Has Given $500,000 to the Indiana Pizzeria Owners Who Said They'd Never Cater a Gay Wedding – Colin Campbell (Business Insider via Yahoo! News, April 3, 2015).
The Indiana Memories Pizza Fundraiser is a Conservative Media Scam – Manny Schewitz (Forward Progressives, April 3, 2015).
Indiana's Governor Pence Only Partially Resolves Discrimination Fight – Steven Benen (MSNBC, April 3, 2015).
Longstanding Religious Freedom Fight Over Gay Marriage Likely to Go On After Indiana and Arkansas Flaps – Rachel Zoll (Associated Press via U.S. News and World Report, April 3, 2015).

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