Friday, October 02, 2015

Another "Mackalicious" Moment

I've noted in a previous post that I appreciate and enjoy the comments of "Mack Malone" over at Terry Nelson's Abbey Roads blog. Mack's comments are informed, reasonable, often very entertaining, and firmly grounded in his lived experience as a gay Catholic man raising a family with the man he loves.

Today I share a comment by Mack in response to a post on Terry's site about the whole Kim Davis/Pope Francis debacle.

Mack's comment is directed to "Nan," who in a previous comment had said the following:

[T]he objective of those who want to redefine marriage is to define their sin away. The state cannot do that. We had been told for years that the state couldn't legislate morality, yet here it is, legislating morality, telling us that two men or two women are the same as a man and a woman. They're not, Mack, no matter how badly you want it to be so.

Here's Mack's response, one that comprises yet another "Mackalious" moment!

Nan, I really like you so I am not trying to be sharp with you on this, where ever did you get that idea? How on earth would anyone with an ounce of common sense think that? Do you understand that a lot of people in this great country of ours are atheists or belong to a denomination which accepts gay marriage or don't particularly think about religion or believe that Church "tradition" is influenced [and shaped] by the cultural preconceptions [of a given time], and don't believe it is a sin. So frankly, most people pushing for gay marriage don't really give a damn about that. It's the religious right who are so narcissistic that they believe the world revolves around them, and they are the ones who cannot grasp that they no longer influence law or culture by screaming 'sin.' We live in a secular society and the laws are secular. That doesn't stop anybody from practicing their faith but it does stop them from pushing their faith on others, which is what [Kim] Davis is doing with hers.

No, Nan, the objective of people who want gay marriage is, for the most part, the ability to participate and have the same legal benefits as everyone else to protect their loved ones and their families. There are people who want the recognition but that's from their family and friends, not Kim Davis or Mike Huckabee or Preacher John or from you or me. There is a percentage who admittedly want it for political purposes and a big f*ck you to the people who have been in charge for so long, but so what? That happens with every movement.

And, Nan, I do not want to tell you that two people of the same sex are the same as a man and woman. They are different. (Thank God, I have no desire to play and mimic the straight role model thing if there even is one.) But I do want the same legal protections and fair game as a man and a woman. Again, its about the law of the land, not the Church.

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