Friday, February 23, 2018

In Minneapolis, a Snowy February Friday

Earlier today the Star Tribune's Paul Douglas wrote the following about last night's (and tomorrow's) snowfall.

Storms spinning up in late February and March have different characteristics than low pressure systems in January. A higher sun angle and milder temperatures tends to keep freeways wet and slushy, unlike January, when roads are snow-covered and icy. Snow is wetter, heavier, slushier; with a higher water content. Better for snowball fights (and heart attacks).

Be careful out there this morning as the flakes subside. We have about 24 hours to catch our breath and scrape away the snow, before the second storm arrives. Another 4-7 inches of snow may fall late Saturday, bringing the total from both storms up close to a foot at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. By Sunday many towns will be snowier than average, for the first time all winter. That's good news, considering western Minnesota is too dry; we need moisture for spring planting.

As of Thursday [yesterday] snowfall in the Twin Cities was 31.8", or 7.7" less than average, to date (running 30-year average). After last night's snow and what's to come on Saturday I have a hunch we may be a couple inches snowier than average by Sunday. Just a gut call.

Saturday: More snow than last night? Models all seem to suggest a bigger snow accumulation for the PM hours Saturday. Plowable, and if we do wind up with 7-8" possibly the second biggest snowfall of the winter, to date.

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