Sunday, July 25, 2021

We All Need Love

Something special this evening for "music night" at The Wild Reed. It’s “We All Need Love” by Sam Hawksley, featuring Wendy Matthews on lead vocals. The song is the first single from Hawksley’s new album, Birds.

The image that opens this post is a screencap from the following official video for “We All Need Love.” Enjoy!

Says Sam Hawksley about Wendy and “We All Need Love”:

Canadian-born Wendy Matthews is an Australian icon. I’ve always loved Wendy Matthews’ voice. I think I first heard her on Kirk Lorange’s album, then with Absent Friends, then her solo albums. Her voice is genre-defying, slipping easily between soul, pop, folk and jazz. Not long before I left Australia to live in Nashville I got to play some live shows with her which was a thrill. Wendy actually sang a featured backing vocal part on my song “I’m Sorry Now,” and I’d played guitar on a recording Wendy did of Buddy and Julie Millers song “Rivers Gonna Run.” I thought Wendy would sound great on this song and she does! She recorded the vocal at a friend’s studio in Coffs Harbour. Wendy and the engineer FaceTimed me once Wendy had sung it to see if I was happy. I had goose bumps.

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