Wednesday, December 27, 2006

An Australian Christmas

Above: Our family’s Christmas Day lunch was hosted this year by my younger brother, his wife, and their two daughters. In attendance, along with Mum and Dad and I, were my sister-in-law’s sister, her husband, and their two children.

Above: My niece puts the finishing touches to the pavlova – a traditional Australian dessert – which (below) she and her sister and cousins eagerly await to sample!

Boxing Day was spent learning, playing, and enjoying the games my nieces received as Christmas gifts, including Cranium (above) and Pass the Bomb (below).

No Australian summer would be complete without the sport of
cricket, which can be seen being televised in the photo above.

Above: In the days after Christmas, many take advantage of the summer weather to enjoy some time at the beach. During the summer, coastal towns like Port Macquarie are popular destination spots for holidaying families.

Below: My elder brother and his family are currently in London. Although they couldn’t share in our Australian Christmas, they were able to send us a great Christmas family snapshot.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Xmas greeting, Michael. Look forward to seeing you shortly!