Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Return to Ellenborough Falls

Yesterday morning, Jeremiah and I made our way from Port Macquarie to Ellenborough Falls, situated in the beautiful and lush hinterlands that surround the townships of Comboyne and Eland.

Although it was a “return” to Ellenborough Falls for me (I first went there with members of my family almost two years ago to the day), it was Jeremiah’s first visit to this truly beautiful and impressive place.

Descending 160 metres, Ellenborough Falls is Australia’s tallest “single-drop” water fall, and the second tallest in the southern hemisphere.

When visiting the site, one arrives at the top of the falls, where there’s a parking lot, public amenities, and a little kiosk. A viewing platform affords a breathtaking view of the falls and the river gorge below.

After taking in this view we began our descent to the base of the falls via a wooden walkway containing something like 600+ steps!

Because of the lush subtropical vegetation, leeches were a bit of a problem! Undeterred, we made our way to the boulder-strewn base of the falls where we where treated to yet another spectacular view of Ellenborough Falls.

Doing my best impersonation of Michelangelo’s “David”! Well, at least the best one can do with clothes on!

Above: Jeremiah: Doing his best David Copperfield impersonation?

Above and below: Back in Port Macquarie, we enjoyed a refreshing swim at Town Beach (and, later, a wonder-filled exploration of nearby rock pools teeming with starfish), before taking in more panoramic sights from the roof of my parents’ apartment.

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