Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quote of the Day

. . . Religious extremists are not only a small group of people associated to Islam. Instead, views and verbal threats by some intolerant Roman Catholic extremists that I have received rival any monopoly by Muslim radicals. Listening to the rhetoric, severe attacks and intolerant views of certain folks makes it difficult to understand how it is that some of these people represent one of the largest denominations of "modern-day Christianity"; which at its core is about love, compassion and greater understanding of all.

. . . It cannot continue to be considered a sin to question church leaders and the way they run day-to-day operations. Only religious extremists -- who cannot tolerate to hear anything but their side of the story -- shy away from healthy debate and justified criticism of the culture of secrecy that continues to exist in today's Church. Lay people must not continue to simply pray, pay and obey; they should feel challenged to speak out.

– Albert Cutié
"'Culture of Secrecy' Alive and Well in the Roman Catholic Church"
The Huffington Post
February 7, 2011

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