Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Trinity Sunday Message from the Equally Blessed Coalition . . .

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UPDATES: America's Top Catholic Hierarch Calls for Renewed Wave of Anti-LGBT Sentiment – Stephen C. Webster (, May 26, 2013).
Cardinal Dolan Calls for Anti-LGBT Sermons in Shadow of Violent Anti-Gay Hate Crime Wave – David Badash (The New Civil Rights Movement, May 26, 2013).
The Trinity is NOT a Nuclear Family – Terence Weldon (Queering the Church, May 26, 2013).
A Brief, Queer Glance at God: A Reflection for the Feast of the Trinity – Joseph N. Goh (Queer Eye for God's World, May 25, 2013).

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Can Gay Catholics Find a Home in the Catholic Church? – David Gibson (Religion News Service, May 23, 2013).

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Bayly,
Thank you for posting "A Brief, Queer Glance at God: A Reflection for the Feast of the Trinity" on your blog.
Kind regards,
Joseph N. Goh