Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo of the Day

Above: Sen. Scott Dibble (right) and his husband Richard Leyva arrive at the Minnesota State Capitol for the Senate debate and vote on marriage equality legislation – May 13, 2013.

Scott is the principal author of the legislation and debate on it will begin at noon. Democratic Senate leaders have said they have the votes to pass the bill, and Governor Mark Dayton is expected to sign it as soon as tomorrow. If approved, Minnesota will become the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage, and such marriages could begin August 1st.

The imposing building pictured behind Scott and Richard is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Paul – seat of the anti-marriage equality Archbishop John Nienstedt. It's presence is appropriate as both Scott and Richard are of Catholic background and, in the view of many, embody the best of what it means to be Catholic – regardless of what the Catholic hierarchy may think or say.

In 2011 Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, an initiative of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM), created a series of five video vignettes of faith, marriage and family from the perspective of LGBT Catholics and supportive family members. Scott and Richard feature in this series. To view their vignette, click here.

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Image: Michael J. Bayly.

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colkoch said...

Congratulations Michael. You have been engaged in a sort of war which will send a huge message to the USCCB and Cardinal Dolan. I have so much respect for your patience and focus. Moral of the story is we never know how the story ends.

Peace and love and joy for you.