Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Aunt Peg Tells It Like It Is

I share this evening a clip from the Australian TV comedy series Please Like Me. It shows Aunt Peg (played by Judi Farr) standing up for her gay grandson Josh (Josh Thomas) during Mass.

In describing this scene, Frank Minero writes at Addicting Info:

In the ABC Australia situation comedy, Please Like Me, Aunt Peg finds out someone very dear to her is homosexual. While she sits in church, her priest delivers an intolerant message about homosexuals to his flock. Aunt Peg, torn between her feelings for her grandson and her faith in the church has an epiphany. She stands up a delivers a response that is inspirational. When a member of the LGBT community "comes out" to a gay-intolerant family member, this is the response they hope to hear.

The clip is also posted on the Upworthy website, where Joseph Lamour notes:

As a gay man who grew up in a Roman Catholic household, I know the push and pull of being a good Christian versus being exactly who God made you, especially if you're part of the LGBTQ spectrum. But those things don't have to be mutually exclusive, do they? This grandmother from Australian TV comedy Please Like Me doesn't think so.

Just wait for the last line.

I have . . . I have just learned that I have a homosexual grandson. Technically he’s not my grandson, but, anyway, that’s . . . that’s not important. Certainly it was a disappointment. I feel like I’ve been robbed of great-grandchildren. But if he has decided to lead a homosexual lifestyle isn’t it . . . isn’t it my responsibility to love him? Because . . . because if they are born that way, they . . . they have no choice but to be true to themselves. Josh? Josh, stand up. Stand up. This is my Josh. He . . . he is homosexual. And I love him. Which is what God would want. And if it isn’t what God would want, then He, or She, can . . . can stick it!

– Aunt Peg

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