Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Something to Think About . . .


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"Nevertheless, She Persisted" Becomes New Battle Cry After McConnell Silences Elizabeth Warren – Amy B Wang (The Washington Post, February 8, 2017).
Read the Letter Coretta Scott King Wrote Opposing Sessions’ 1986 Federal Nomination and That Got Sen. Elizabeth Warren Silenced – Bill Chappell (NPR News, February 8, 2017).
"It Made Me Feel We Were Back in the 1950s": Coretta Scott King Memoirist on the Silencing of Elizabeth WarrenDemocracy Now!, February 9, 2017).
The GOP’s New War on Women: Mitch McConnell, Elizabeth Warren and the Newly Empowered Sexism of the Right – Amanda Marcotte (Salon, February 8, 2017).
 The Silencing of Coretta Scott King is an Act of Systemic Racism – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II (The Nation, February 8, 2017).
Mitch McConnell Inadvertently Coined the Latest Feminist Catchphrase: “She Persisted” – Christina Cauterucci (Slate, February 8, 2017).
Silencing Elizabeth Warren Backfires on Senate GOP – Eric Bradner (CNN, February 8, 2017).
13 Iconic Women Who Nevertheless Persisted – Jenavieve Hatch (The Huffington Post, February 7, 2017).

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