Saturday, August 19, 2017

Guruk Sunrise

Today is my last full day in Guruk (a.k.a. Port Macquarie). I travel early tomorrow morning by train to Sydney and then leave on Tuesday to return to the U.S.

I'll certainly miss my family and friends here in Australia, but look forward to the new beginning that awaits me in my other home. For as I've mentioned previously, next Monday I begin a year-long residency as a chaplain in a Minneapolis hospital.

I'll be taking a break from posting at The Wild Reed for at least a few days, maybe a week or so, as I travel and settle back into my life and new vocation in the Twin Cities. At some point, though, I look forward to continuing my "Australian Sojourn – Winter 2017" series, as well as resuming my sharing of perspectives (my own and others) on things that matter, including the interesting and, in many ways, troubling times we're living through.



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Images: Michael J. Bayly (Guruk, Saturday, August 19, 2017).

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