Saturday, June 16, 2018

Time by the River

Twice now in the past two weeks I've spent time at the same spot by the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. I was at this spot by myself on Tuesday, June 5, and then again last Sunday, June 10, with my friend Mahad (above). We both found this time by the river to be a very peaceful and grounding experience.

This particular area of urban wilderness is close to the Winchell Trail, a largely unpaved trail that winds about 2.5 miles along the west bank of the Mississippi River from Franklin Avenue to Minnehaha Park. It follows what was once an Indian trail, and is mostly hidden. In fact, it remains unknown to many long-time city residents.

Named after Newton Horace Winchell, state geologist from 1872 to 1901, the Winchell Trail is touted as "the first rustic hiking trail" in Minneapolis.

Above and below: At Hajduk Spring, a falling spring that comes directly out of the limestone bluff. It's considered the best example of its kind in the Twin Cities area.

Go and pray beside the river
and you’ll wash your spirit clean.
Give away the things
you don’t need.
Let it all go and
you’ll soon see.
And you’ll wash your spirit clean.

– "Wash Your Spirit Clean"
by Tim Veazey

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Images: Michael and Mahad.

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