Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A Blessing for the New Year

Note: The following is written by Pierre Pradervand and was first published in The Edge magazine. Pradervand's blessing is accompanied by the above illustration by Lisa Graa Jensen.

We bless this coming year for the innumerable opportunities for good that will manifest as we open up to their possibility.

We bless You, Divine Love, for the unknown blessings that are already on their way.

We bless You also for the needed challenges that are already lined up so as to help us grow spirit-wards.

May we open our hearts to all those in need we meet and also those at the other side of the world whom we can assist or support in different ways.

May we treasure the simple fact of being alive and of the possibility of “DAWL” (Doing All With Love), moment by moment, day in, day out: thinking only loving thoughts, speaking words of love, seeing all with the eyes of love, undertaking all in a spirit of love and finally feeling only love.

May we treasure the intimacy of Your Presence moment by moment, anywhere and everywhere, by day or by night.

And may we learn to see absolutely everything that manifests in our lives as You hidden in the thousand and one disguises of form.

And finally, may we learn to really love ourselves as the magnificent divine manifestation we are. Only then will we really learn to love our neighbor – human, plant or beast – as ourselves, for they are ourselves.

Pierre Pradervand
via The Edge
January 1, 2019

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Image: Lisa Graa Jensen.

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I think I commented on the wrong post. Thanks for sharing Pierre's blessing, and as i said in my other comment, you are welcome to share more of his writings, articles, blogs, blessings that are on our site gentleartofblessing.org - just kindly name the source.