Saturday, March 16, 2019

Quote of the Day

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Greta Thunberg Inspires Global Climate Protests – Mark Tutton (CNN, March 15, 2019).
Tens of Thousands Join Greta Thunberg's Global Youth Demo for ClimateThe Local (March 15, 2019).
Students Are Striking for Action on Climate Change — A Truancy Everyone Should Applaud – Haven Coleman and Bill McKibben (The Los Angeles Times, March 13, 2019).
Our Kids Know We're Failing Them on Climate Change – Frida Berrigan ( via TruthDig, March 17, 2019).
Why Students of Color Are Stepping Up to Lead Climate Strikes – Leanna First-Arai (Common Dreams, March 16, 2019).
Massive Worldwide Strike: Students Demand Action on Climate ChangeNew York Daily News (March 15, 2019).
Greta Thunberg to Politicians: "We're Fighting for Everyone's Future" – Reuters via The Guardian (February 21, 2019).
Swedish Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize – The Associated Press via The Globe and Mail (March 13, 2019).

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