Friday, March 29, 2019

Saaxiib Qurux Badan

I got love in my heart
I got you on my mind
I got nothing more to prove

Just yesterday I felt I was running out of time
Now I feel hope that’s tender and true
Gonna see me through
Your love gonna see me through

I got pain in my memories
I got someone on my mind
It’s a magical feeling
I don't know how to define

I don’t know if I’ll ever talk to you again
Don’t know why you mean so much
But if I never ever talk to you again
I feel you lifting me up
No matter what you do

Do you know what I’m thinking?
Do you know what’s on my mind?
And in your imagination do you know what we can find?

Don’t turn around and ask me what I expect of you
Just turn around and tell me the truth.
Are you gonna see me through?

– From “See Me Through
by Kiki Dee and Kevin Savigar
(from Kiki Dee’s 1995 album
Almost Naked)

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Images: Saaxiib Qurux Badan (“Beautiful Friend”), Diamond Lake, Minneapolis, MN – Michael J. Bayly (3/29/19).

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