Monday, November 11, 2019

Quote of the Day

I have been donating to Marianne Williamson's presidential campaign to keep her in the race, and I urge you to consider doing the same. Her policy positions are at least as progressive as anyone else’s, but she’s the only one who not only denounces the billionaire class or puts out ideal plans for this or that, but who actually acknowledges the tremendous systemic barriers to getting any of those plans implemented and calls on the American people to rise up. And she most clearly lays out both the role of certain psychological dynamics and the Democratic Party’s betrayals in the rise of the Right and Trumpism.

She has as good a chance of beating Trump as anyone, certainly better than those in the corporate “centrist” cohort. And watch how she does in South Carolina, which, unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, will show how candidates do among the Black voters critical to any Democratic win.

If you think she is offbeat and has no chance to win, consider whether your take is because the media and the DNC have marginalized her, like they marginalized the last candidate who urged the country to wage peace (Dennis Kucinich) and like they tried to marginalize Bernie Sanders, until the people made that impossible.

And, no, she’s not a new-age flake – though she does dare to talk about love (like MLK) and the need for a candidate who speaks to people’s hearts, not just our minds. Nor is she a mindless anti-vaxxer, or a person who’s blamed people for their illness – that’s all part of the marginalization campaign.

She’s not the only one in the race who is the real thing. And I do not believe that any president – other than one who uses the office to mobilize the population – can save us from the disasters that are in our faces. But she would come closer to being that kind of president than anyone else. And contributions will – at a minimum – help her keep getting out messages, via TV ads and speaking tours, that we all need to hear.

– Michael Goldstein
via Facebook
November 11, 2019

In the video below, CNN's Christi Paul discusses the state of the 2020 Democratic presidential race with candidate Marianne Williamson (Saturday, November 9, 2019).

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