Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Joy of Christmas

[The Divine Source of all that is] did not merely assume a human body and soul [in Jesus]; [It] assumed the actual human condition in its entirety, including the instinctual needs of human nature and the cultural conditioning of [a certain] time. [By emerging within] the human condition [in this way, the sacred through Jesus] introduced into the entire human family the principle of transcendence, giving the evolutionary process a decisive thrust toward God-consciousness. [God in Jesus gave all the power] to know their Divine Source.

The joy of Christmas is the intuition that all limitations to growth into higher states of consciousness have been overcome. The Divine Light cuts across all darkness, prejudice, preconceived ideas, prepackaged values, false expectations, phoniness and hypocrisy. It presents us with the truth. To act out of the truth is to make Christ [i.e., Divine Love] grow not only in ourselves, but in others. The humdrum duties and events of daily life become sacramental, shot through with eternal implications.

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Image: Mauna Nada (2018).

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