Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Quote of the Day

As disheartening as it is to hear about a new coronavirus variant, we should not be surprised. New variants continue until infection levels are driven into the ground. Each variant represents a number of random errors in the reproduction of the RNA of the virus – a small “misspelling” in its genetic code. The more times it reproduces, the more chances there are for the next misspelling. Worried about Omicron? I’m worried about Rho, Sigma, Tau – and so forth. It doesn’t end here unless we change the odds in our favor. If 30% of the population continues to refuse to help do that, we will run out of Greek letters. What alphabet shall we all learn next?

To not vaccinate is to refuse to fight in the battle of our times. Three times more Americans die of COVID-19 every week than died on 9/11. Hospitals are full of people who thought that they woulndn’t get sick or it wouldn’t be a big deal. Each of them likely infected someone else along the way before the first symptom.

It is a big deal. Our species is under attack. We don't know who or how many will survive. Fight back. Vaccinate.

– Renae Gage
via Facebook
November 28, 2021

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Image: A newspaper poster in Pretoria, South Africa, with the news of the Omicron coronavirus variant. (Photograph: Denis Farrell/AP)

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