Sunday, September 24, 2006

Return to Wagga

While recently visiting friends in Goulburn, I made a quick trip to Wagga Wagga to once again spend time with the McGowan family.

Above from left: Mike, Bernie, Dom, Mim, Ig, me, and Collette.

Above: Raph, displaying obvious joy in seeing me again!

Above: Mike and Collette.

Above: Ig, a state champion Muay Thai kickboxer, is temporary out of the ring while he recovers from knee surgery.

During my previous visit to Wagga in July, I only saw Ig briefly due to the fact that he was working in Canberra. It was therefore good to catch up with him while he was home recovering from recent surgery on his knee. I shared with him and his siblings the movie, V for Vendetta, which we all enjoyed, while he, in turn, made sure he completed reading the autobiography of world champion kickboxer
Paul “Hurricane” Briggs so that he could give it to me to read when I left Wagga to return to Port Macquarie. Like all the members of his family, Ig's a very thoughtful and generous person.

Above: Enjoying the warm spring weather with Bernie and Ig.

Above and below: Raph in the orchard where he had worked prior to his travelling overseas in 2004-2005.

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