Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out and About – December 2011

Another busy month – one that started with my friend Javen Swanson and I co-facilitating a marriage equality presentation in St. Cloud on the evening of December 1.

Javen was there for OutFront MN while I was there for Catholics for Marriage Equality MN. We made a great team! Pictured with us above is Kelly Doss, who was a key organizer of the event.

Left: Part of the evening included the screening of the video series Catholics for Marriage Equality. For more information about this series, click here. To view the five "video vignettes" that comprise the series, click here.

Above: On the evening of Saturday, December 10 my friend Kathleen hosted a lovely Advent dinner at her home in South Minneapolis. Pictured from left: Brian, Bob, John, Kathleen and James.

For The Wild Reed series "Advent 2011:Thoughts and Reflections," click here.

Above: With my friends (from left) John, Kathleen and Brian – December 10, 2011.

Right: On Saturday, December 17, I had some friends over to my St. Paul home for a little Christmas celebration – one that involved an "Aussie Quiz"! Pictured from left: Raul, Paul, Mark, me, Walter and Tim. It was a fun night!

Left: Friends Darlene, Noelle, Eileen, Kate, Jim and Phil. For more images of this gathering, click here.

Above: Another evening of fun took place December 23, watching Velvet Goldmine and enjoying rum spiked eggnog with friends Jacob, Phil, Curtis and Liana.

Christmas Eve was spent at the warm and welcoming home of my friends Ken and Carol (above). Also present was their son Paul and daughter-in-law Carrie, Paul and Carrie's two boys Cass and Oscar, and friends Kathleen and Sue Ann.

Left: Enjoying some Christmas cheer with my friend Kathleen.

Above: Paul and Cass – Christmas Eve 2011. For a picture of Cass' brother Oscar, click here.

Above: Christmas Day dinner was spent at another warm and welcoming home – that of the Jacquet-Morrison family. From left: Jackie, John, Carmen, Kim, Noelle, Liana, Phil, Alicia and Curtis.

Left: With my friend Phil – Christmas Day 2011.

Right: Liana and Curtis. And to think there wasn't even a hint of mistletoe in sight!

Above: The always welcoming and generous Noelle and John. Thank you!

Above: Boxing Day dinner with friends Joey, Kathleen and Mary.

Left: Joey, the young (and very talented) violinist!

Above: With my friend Kathleen – December 26, 2011.

Right: With the inspiring Polly Mann at our mutual friends Ken and Carol's New Year's Eve gathering.

Above: My friend Daniel (standing) also hosted a New Year's Eve get-together.

Above: I saw the actual New Year in at a third gathering – one hosted by my friend Mark. From left: Mark, Raul, Dan, Walter and Jim.

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