Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

[I don't use Twitter or other social media] because I've got to have time in my own head. . . . I'm very anxious about too much of this [social media stuff] going on because what people need is time to cruise . . . to sit in a train not doing anything but just staring out the window. But if everyone is listening to stuff or writing stuff or seeing stuff, you become a reactive person, not a proactive person. You don't have time to think of your own thoughts. All you do is react to other people's thoughts. . . . If you think of a show like Downton Abbey, you see the downstairs where there's a kind of row of bells and [when one jingles] they all go, "Oh, that would be the green drawing room,' and up they get and run. That's all it is when you have a mobile phone. [It rings and you go] "Oh, I'd better answer that." Why be servants? I don't use [a mobile phone]. I've got one because sometimes [in London] you have to park with a mobile phone. They won't even take money. What's happening!? So I've learned how to do the mobile phone for that but [otherwise] I don't use one. [The downside to this:] Eddie Izzard took my number and he phoned me and it was a really sweet call. But I didn't find it for three months until I parked the car!

– Joanna Lumley
The Jonathan Ross Show
April 27, 2013

To watch Jonathan Ross' interview with actress, comedienne, author, and activist Joanna Lumley in its entirety, click here.

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