Friday, May 02, 2014

Be Just in My Heart

For "music night" this evening I share Moby's "In My Heart," with vocals credited to the Shining Light Gospel Choir.

"In My Heart" is the third track on Moby's 2002 album 18, which has been described as "an atmospheric and soothing electronica album [on which] Moby adds in vocal samples of soul and jazz singers."

I chose this post's opening image because I believe it powerfully and beautifully reflects the truth that one very special way we can experience God's love within our hearts is through the love we express and share with another. There's also something about the simple lyrics of "In My Heart," and their impassioned delivery, that speaks to my longing for both a sense of God's guiding presence and the experience of a loving relationship in my life. Perhaps this longing is something you can relate to as well.

Lord, I want
to be up
in my heart.

Be, ohh,
just in my heart,
oh, Lord.

For another track from 18 featuring the "Shining Light Gospel Choir" (actually Charles Banks of the early 1960s duo The Banks Brothers), click here.

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Gail Hayden said...

As consistently as you always do, you touch my heart with your compassionate words which are so healing.