Monday, May 19, 2014

Let the Greening Begin . . .

One of the things I've enjoyed most since returning from my recent visit to Australia is observing the return of spring here in Minnesota.

I've always loved this time of year, and resonate with the deep spiritual significance I discern in all the unfolding transformations and bursting forth of new life that we get to witness after the often tomb-like experience of winter. Life spirals ever forward . . . and spring reminds us of this truth in a particularly hopeful and vibrant way. No wonder I use the season as a metaphor when naming and sharing my coming out story – that special type of story, of journeying, that is an act of holiness. I say this because I think for most who have experienced it, coming out entails moving out of a life-denying existence into new life. Kinda like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon!

This evening, however, the focus isn't so much on the spiritual aspect of coming out as it is on sharing some of the photographs I've taken over the past three weeks. As I've mentioned before, I'm very fortunate to live close to Minnehaha Creek and its surrounding parkway. It was in this beautiful area of south Minneapolis that all these photos were taken.

I should also note that although I've previously shared the Joyce Rupp prayer that accompanies these images, I share it again as its words and heart-felt intent seem particularly meaningful to me at this time in my life and journey. Perhaps this prayer will be equally powerful and meaningful to you too!

A Springtime Prayer

Ever-renewing and energizing Creator,
Come, stir in my dormant spiritual limbs.

Wake up my tired prayer.
Revive my weary efforts of care.
Sing hope into my discouragement.

Wash my dusty, drab attitude
with the cleansing rains of your vision.

Go deep to my roots and penetrate my faith
with the vibrancy of your grace.

Shake loose the old leftover oak leaves
of my tenacious ego-centeredness.

Coax joy to sprout from my difficulties.

Warm the buds of my relationships
so they bloom with healthy love.

Clear out my wintered debris
with the wild breeze of your liberating presence.

Nudge me, woo me, entice me, draw me to you.

I give you my trust and my gratitude as you
grace my slowly thawing spirit.

Light-filled Being, my Joy and my Hope,
let the greening in me begin.

Above: My friend and housemate Tim, standing beside Minnehaha Creek – April 20, 2014. If you look carefully you can see at the edge of the creek the last remnants of winter ice.

Above: Friends (from left) John, Bob (holding Emmet), Rick, Brian, and Tim – Sunday, May 17, 2014.

Above: Minnehaha Creek in flood – May 19, 2014.

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Full Bloom

Waiting in Repose for Spring's Awakening Kiss
Spring in Minnesota (2007)
"Jubilation is My Name": Spring in Minnesota (2008)
Spring Garden (2009)
A Perfect Day (2009
A Springtime Walk Along Minnehaha Creek (2012)
Spring Snow (2013)
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Images: Michael Bayly.

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