Friday, July 31, 2015

The (Same-Love) Dance Goes On

The Wild Reed's 2015 Queer Appreciation series concludes with dance troupe Full Frontal Freedom's powerful sequence of "emotions in movement" performed to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' 2013 hit song "Same Love," a song that has become an anthem for LGBT equality.

The title of this post comes from the fact that even as we celebrate recent marriage equality victories (see, for instance, here and here), much of what the Full Frontal Freedom dance group said in 2013 about the ongoing struggle for justice remains as true and important today as it did two years ago.

We were so grateful that Mackelmore and Lewis took a stand and loudly cheered for marriage equality. But, our work as a community is far from done. . . . This song – which honors our movement's struggle – is so compelling that we thought it a fitting tribute to express our emotions in movement as a contemporary dance.

"Same Love Dance" is choreographed by Emrhys Cooper and Ryan Hanson with assistance provided by "The Ninja Twins," Nick and James Aragon. The dancers featured in the video are Nick Aragon, James Aragon, Nicole Bondzie, Filippo Calvagno, Ryan Hanson, Emrhys Cooper, Charlotte Price, and Hannah May Evans.

Oh, and one last thing: Despite what the dance troupe's name may imply, there is no "full frontal" nudity in the video below.

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