Monday, November 02, 2015

An All Souls Day Reflection

I recently came across the following quote by Alan Watts and the above illustration by Elspeth McLean and thought how appropriate they both are for All Souls Day. After all, our soul is that deepest part of us infused with the Divine Presence, the "energy of the universe," to use Watts words. And as Watts reminds us, this energy infuses all things. Thus all things are ensouled.

All souls, indeed!

I seem, like everything else, to be a center, a sort of vortex, at which the whole energy of the universe realizes itself . . . Each one of us, not only human beings but every leaf, every tree, exists in the way it does, only because everything else around it does. The individual and the universe are inseparable.

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Image: Elspeth McLean.

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