Saturday, January 21, 2017

Photo of the Day

This is the first Wild Reed "Photo of the Day" not actually taken by me, which is kinda obvious as I'm in the picture.

My good friend and housemate Tim snapped this image of me earlier today at the Women's March in St. Paul, Minnesota, an event that drew an estimated 100,000 people to the Minnesota State Capitol grounds and is being declared one of the largest protest gatherings in Minnesota history. It was also part of a nationwide surge of massive rallies and marches aimed at both protesting President Donald Trump’s positions and statements on women’s rights, immigration, the environment, and climate change and offering hope and alternatives to Trump's political agenda and to what has been described as his "sordid immorality" – his bigotry, ignorance, misogyny, and vulgarity. Sister marches were held today on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

I wanted to carry a sign in today's march that shared a positive message from an inspiring woman, and so decided on words of hope and encouragement from legendary singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie. They're actually lyrics from her song "Getting Started" (from her phenomenal 1992 album Coincidence and Likely Stories), while the image is one I took of Buffy when I saw her in concert last summer in Bayfield, WI.

All these elements were beautifully and artfully put together by my boyfriend Brent pictured with me at right at Buffy's concert at The Dakota in Minneapolis last summer.) Thanks, Handsome!

During the march, my sign and its message drew lots of positive responses and comments, and a number of people took the time to pause and photograph it. It even connected people as, at one point during the rally at the Capitol, a man asked me to hold it up high as he spoke to his wife on his cell phone, letting her know where he was in the massive crowd: "Look for the guy holding the sign with a picture and quote by Buffy Sainte-Marie." How cool is that?

Anyway, stay tuned, as I'll be sharing more images and commentary on the Minnesota Women's March in a future post.

Womb-world paradigm
Understand in time
It’s a sweet investigation
We’re learning rope by rope
Climbing hope by hope
In every combination

And that’s okay
No, it’s not the way it should be
But that’s okay
It’s wild and it’s unique
And that’s okay
Yeah, love’s the magic number
And that’s okay
Come on, we’re only getting started . . .

– Buffy Sainte-Marie
Excerpted from “Getting Started”
(from the 1992 album, Coincidence and Likely Stories)

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Opening image: Tim Lynch.

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