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Marianne Williamson on New Day with Christi Paul – 01/04/20

It's always heartening to see Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson receive mainstream media attention, even as she significantly scales back her campaign due to financial constraints. Yet as I documented last week, Marianne has not suspended her candidacy. “The point of my candidacy,” she said, “[is] to tell the heart’s truth and that does not cost money.”

And this past weekend, sharing a number of heart truths is exactly what Marianne did when she appeared on CNN's New Day with Christi Paul. Here she talked about “the things that matter,” including the need in the United States for a “season of moral repair” and a “coalition of heart and conscience” in order to “align our public policies with the angels of our better nature.”

[Some think it] ridiculous that Marianne Williamson is running for president. But, then again, it’s even more ridiculous that Donald Trump is president. So I’ll say this for Williamson: She’s not a serial con artist. . . . She says we need to love one another more and that, as a society, we need an intervention so we use the power in our hands to fix things. You don’t need to support her quest to agree there is something to be said for these sentiments. The United States would be a better place if more of us acted on them.

– Heliene Olsen
The Washington Post
December 18, 2019

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