Saturday, May 30, 2020

Today I Will Be Still

No matter what my problem, the perfect solution exists within the Mind of God. My job is not to be burdened by the question, but rather to make myself available to the answer. My worrying only delays the answer, reflecting my lack of faith that there is one. Today I will be still, knowing every answer, every healing, and every solution is on its way.

The universe is self-correcting, and I am a child of the universe. Miracles [shifts in perspective from fear to love] occur in response to every problem, yet it is my faith and compassion that bring them forth. May my mind be a conduit of love and faith, that my problems may be solved.

Dear God,

In You lies the answer to every question
and the solution to every problem.
I place my anxious mind
in Your care
And pray for the calm though which
I can receive Your answers.
And so it is.


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Image: Saaxiib Qurux Badan (“Beautiful Friend”), Minneapolis, MN – Michael J. Bayly (5/30/20).

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