Saturday, May 23, 2020

Spring Awakens!

We've recently had a lot of rain here in the Twin Cities, which has ensured an incredible burst of spring green and spring blooms!

It's a beautiful sight, and one that fills me with hope. For despite all the upheaval and uncertainty in the world at this time, life goes on. And we see this every day in the “circling of nature,” which, as Thomas Moore reminds us, may be the best way to “find our substance” and thus our place and purpose in the world.

Following are some of my photographs of spring's return to Minnesota. Enjoy!

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Opening image: Spring awakens! . . . Actually, it's dancer Chalvar Monteiro (of the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater) in the 2019 production, Ode, which the New York Times describes as a "daring and delicate work" about gun violence.
All other images: Michael J. Bayly (March-May 2020).


Kay said...

I was stuck by the photos of the beautiful lilacs!
Here, in SE Indiana, ours were lost to one of several early spring frosts. While my husband and I had carefully covered our bushes, the Presence within those beauties could not have their journey altered by us.
Thank you for such inspiring words and photos!

Margaret Bayly said...

Dear Michael .. Beautiful! .. Love & Peace .. Mum