Thursday, May 26, 2022

Something to Think About . . .

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Gunman Kills 19 Children, 2 Adults in Texas School Rampage – Acacia Corondo and Jim Vertuno (AP News, May 24, 2022).
Vote Out These Death-Dealing, NRA-Enthralled Republicans – Now – Thom Hartmann (Common Dreams, May 25, 2022).
Faith Leaders and Teachers Mobilize for Protests at NRA’s Houston Meeting in Wake of Uvalde Massacre – Julia Conley (Common Dreams, May 26, 2022).
A Decade of Congressional Inaction on Gun Control – Mary Clare Jalonick (AP News, May 25, 2022).
Thousands of Students Walk Out Nationwide to Protest Lawmakers’ Inaction On Guns – Sarah Ruiz-Grossman (The Huffington Post, May 26, 2022).
Is Mass Death Now Tolerated in America? – Michelle R. Smith (AP News, May 25, 2022).
Mass Shootings: American Exceptionalism of the Worst Kind – Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan (Democracy Now!, May 26, 2022).

UPDATES: Gunman’s Final 90 Minutes Fuel Questions About Police Delays – Jake Bleiberg, Jim Vertuno and Elliot Spagat (AP News, May 27, 2022).
Too Many Doors and Liberal Teachers: Here’s What the GOP Blames For the Uvalde Shooting – Amanda Terkel (The Huffington Post, May 27, 2022).
Justice Department to Review Police Response to Texas School Shooting – Zeke Miller and Michael Balsamo (AP News, May 29, 2022).
Pulse Nightclub Massacre Survivor: Delayed Police Response in Uvalde Shows Pattern in Mass ShootingsDemocracy Now! (May 31, 2022).

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