Friday, December 14, 2012

Something to Think About . . .

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National Catholic Reporter Joins Catholics United Call for National Discussion on Gun Violence – Dennis Coday (December 14, 2012).
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Timeline: Major Shooting Incidents in the United States – Reuters via Yahoo! News (December 14, 2012).

TAKE ACTION: Petition the Obama administration to immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress. Sign here.

UPDATES: Obama in Newtown: "We Can't Tolerate This Anymore" – Olivier Knox (Yahoo! News, December 16, 2012).
One Month After School Massacre, Sandy Hook Parents Speak, Urging ‘Real Change’ – Dylan Stableford (Yahoo! News, January 14, 2013).

Image 1: Christopher Weyant.
Image 2: Reuters/Michelle McLoughlin.
Image 3: Reuters/Adrees Latif.

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Cathie said...

If Obama has just been re elected he has 4 years before he has to worry about voters, right? Why doesn't he do something about this now?

In Australia, if a mentally ill person has the urge to kill lots of people, it takes much planning and time. Hopefully the thoughts dissipate, the episode passes in this time. Someone might see they need help. In America, this person just goes to the hallway cabinet and heads off to shoot 20 schoolchildren. They should take action now because more mentally ill people see this as an option for themselves. Maybe they even think about the news stories at the end. It's just so heartbreaking.