Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boorganna (Part I)

Hidden deep in the Port Macquarie hinterland is Boorganna Nature Reserve.

Last Friday, my parents and I, along with our friends George and Yonni, drove from Port Macquarie, through the lush and picturesque mountains, to the township of
Comboyne. From here, we proceeded to the Boorganna Nature Reserve and the beautiful Rawson Falls.

Established in 1904, Boorganna Nature Reserve is the second oldest nature reserve in the state of New South Wales. Covering close to 400 hectares, the reserve is a remnant of the former extensive rainforest of the Comboyne Plateau.

Above: Unlike much of the rest of Australia, which for the past six years has been experiencing the worst drought in recorded history, the area around Comboyne and Boorganna Nature Reserve remains very lush and green.

Above and below: Views of Boorganna Nature Reserve accompanied by a Rod Cameron poem from his book Karingal: A Search for Australian Spirituality.

At Kambul *
By Rod Cameron, OSA

I walk to the trees and feel their friendly bark.
I press their fragile leaves into my hand.
I stand amidst the dancing of the grass
and listen to the silence of the land.

If I fail to see the sacred in living things
and even in this random flake of stone
then to my eyes the Universe is closed
and I wander as a stranger all alone.

In gentle voice this world is full of words
that calm the talking tumult in my brain.
‘Stand still and learn to see with spiritual sight
or the pain of all your searching is in vain.’

* Kambul is a cattle property near Mareeba.

Above and below: Rawson Falls as photographed from the viewing platform at the end of Boorganna’s main 1.7 kilometre-long walking trial. Another trial leads to the base of the falls.

NEXT: Boorganna (Part II).

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